Script – FX Floater

This is an updated version of my other script Fume & Flow Floater.

It has been reworked to be cleaner as well as added functionality.

v1.14 – Current     ( ChangeLog at bottom of page)

FX Floater – FX_Floater114.mzp

  • max 2014 support
  • fixed some struct decelerations

max2013/2014 notes:

  • Since Box#2 is in a transition stage and the tools included in this script may not work as expected in max2013/14.
  • Betterwind 2013 will work in max 2014 too!

Install Video:

Codec (techsmith):

The toggles are:

Render Dialog / Right-Click Quick Render
Particle Flow View / Right-Click Environment Dialog
FumeFX UI Dialog
Layer Manager
Material Editor
Modify Panel Toggle / Right-Click Track View

Forces & Deflectors Rollout

The forces and deflectors rollout contains the most common forces and deflectors used with particle flow.

They are in the order
Row 1: Gravity, Wind, Vortex, Drag , and Point Helper
Row 2: Push, Deflector, Spherical Deflector, Universal Deflector , and BetterWind

Right-click on any of these buttons opens the Warp Control Dialog.

With this you can:

  • Align to an object
  • Rename the Created object
  • Add a position linked VP label
  • Change the objects Size
  • Change the label/Objects color


FumeFX Objects Rollout

The FumeFX objects rollout contains all of the FumeFX objects that ship with Fume.
Row 1: the Grid, Simple Source, Object Source, Particle Source, and the Gravity Vector.
Row 2: FumeFX Source, Void Source,  Effector – FumeFX sync ranges to animation range.

Set New  D/T Sim Folder – Same function as THIS script, it creates a new sim output folder tree.

Right Click on the Create Simulation Grid button generates a Grid at world 0,0,0 100x100x100. It sets the output path to the default + a date/time labeled folder.

Right click on any of the Source buttons and the Source Control will open.

You can do similar functions as Warp Control above:

  • Add Source to a chosen FumeFX Grid
  • Align it to the chosen grids center
  • Add a label or dynamically rename the object and/or label
  • Change the label colors
  • Object sources give the option to add objects
  • Particle Source give the option to add particle systems


Krakatoa Rollout

The Krakatoa rollout contains:
Row 1: Bring to Front!/Set to Krakatoa, Switch To Previous Render, PRT Loader, PRT Volume, and PRT FumeFX.
Row 2: Save Mod Stack, Load Mod Stack, PD Viewer, Lock Mat Editor, Krakatoa Help File.
Row 3: Add KCM Modifier to selected object(s)

Right click on any of the PRT buttons creates a default object at world 0,0,0

Frost & XMesh Rollout(s)

The Frost and Xmesh rollout contains:
Create Frost
Open/Close Frost Log Window
Auto-Frost Mode
Save XMesh
Create XMesh Loader

Thinking Particles Rollout

The Thinking Particle rollout contains:
Row 1: Create TP, Shape Collision Joint, and PhysX Joint.
Row 2: Open TP Properties, Bind to TP, and TP Help Reference.

Box2ools Rollout

Toggle all Particle Flow Collision Shape Modifiers
Toggle as Particle Skinner Modifiers
Toggle PhysX Glue Bind Visibility
Randomize all Glue Bind Colors
Cycle through and Select PhysX Worlds / Right-Click Bake selected World

Playback Controls

Standard max playback controls the play/pause button has right-click access to the Time Configuration dialog
Create New Maxscript / Right-Click Open MAXScript Listener.
DK Default Auto Key Check State/Toggle
Auto Key – standard max auto key function or animate on/off
cfg – Configuration
Toggle Realtime Playback




Installation for 1.04 and newer:

Run through the MAXScript Menu->Run Script… command!

This will overwrite any older versions so no need to cleanup.

Install Video:



FX Floater – Current – FX_Floater114.mzp


  • max 2014 support
  • fixed some struct decelerations


  • Finished fixing all icon paths to work with new 2013 folder structure.
  • Fixed XMesh Only Rollout
  • Added Warp Control
  • Added Source Control
  • Added Frost and XMesh Rollout(s)
  • Added a Default Auto Check/Toggle
  • Cleaned up some code


  • Added Frost and XMexh rollout if you have frost or xmesh
  • Reworked the FumeFX right-click creator utility to add object VP text labels, change colors, rename and scale when adding.
  • Added new Space Warp Control, it is invoked when you right-click on any of the items in the Forces and deflectors rollouts, it is like the RC for Fume
  • Added undo to all of the Right-Click create object functions
  • Added a switch to check and see if the preference Default AutoKey is on or off
  • Cleaned up some silly code, there is still a couple of things I need to do.


  • Fixed some buttons and icons for 2013
  • Updated configurator for Fume 3.0
  • Added FumeFX Effector


  • Added SpaceWarp Control Dialog to all right-click actions in the Forces and Deflectors objects. It does basically the same as the FumeFX Source right-click.


  • Added functionality to FumeFX right-click dialogs.
  • Add a text obkect as a label for the source object
  • Change the size of the icon/text label
  • Change the label color
  • Align the Source object to the picked grids pivot
  • SyncToTime now syncs the Start Frame to the first frame of the current animation range

v1.06 – FX_Floater106.mzp

  • Fixed some rollover text
  • Added height adjustment when rollouts are opened or closed
  • Re-arranged and added another row to the Krakatoa rollout
  • Added Box#2 Tools rollout

v1.05 – FX_Floater105.mzp

  • Added Object lists to right click FumeFX Particle Source and Object Source. Now when you right click them they give you the option to add scene objects
  • Fixed play button, 2011 Advantage Pack seems to have broken the old method
  • Changed some right click default object creation parameters


  • Added another tool to the FumeFX rollout, Set New Simulation Folder
    it creates a new folder tree in the form of:
    – DefaultSimPath \ NameOfCurrentSceneFile \ DateTime \ NameOfSimGrid.fxd
  • Added a funtction to the Particle Source right click that allows you to pick and add a particle system upon creation of the Particle Source object
  • Made installing easier with .mzp -Drag-n-Drop on VP  or Run through Maxscript Menu


  • Workaround for FumeFX 2.0 Right Click Grid and Simple Source, some parameters are having some issues hopefully will be resolved by 2.1
  • Cleaned up some of the FumeFX Set Folder code.
  • Fixed some button types.



  • This script is now run as a macro, it installs the icons in the UserIcons folder, runs a simple user defined check utility for installed software
  • Added a cfg button to configure rollouts and buttons based on installed applications.
  • Added right click on button create base object functionality, now most create buttons will create a default setting objects at [0, 0, 0]. Edit the script to customize if you like 🙂
  • Updated FumeFX buttons for to version 2.0 added Void Source and Fume Source
  • Added Krakatoa Rollout
  • Added TP Rollout and restructered


52 Comments to Script – FX Floater

  1. Good day! Thank you for this script! Have you plans for update FX Floater for max 2016 and especially FumeFX 4 and Pflow in 2016 edition?

  2. Snipeua on February 2nd, 2016
  3. The script will work without issue using 2016 and FumeFX4.0+

    If you run into a problem let me know and I will look into it. 🙂

  4. admin on February 2nd, 2016

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